Friday, March 9, 2012

The Things We Used To Whisper

    I can't even explain to you how excited I am to let you in on this NEWS!  First off, no I am not pregnant, this is possibly even BIGGER! Ok, maybe not, but close :)
   All of us in the baby loss community know and understand that society views our situation as "taboo."  If it weren't, we as mom's of angels would answer this question truthfully when asked by strangers, "How many children do you have?"  Instead, we keep our real number of babies in our head, and give a forced smile with an answer that is socially acceptable.
   There is no question, people don't like talking about death in general, but when you bring up the loss of an infant people get really quiet.  No one knows what to do or say, they just sort of stare at you and try and fill the silence with anything that comes to mind.  Well, frankly I am TIRED of it!  This type of loss happens everyday, and it will continue to happen everyday because of this sinful world we live in!  We can no longer sit in awkward silence, but get up and do something about it!  We need this cause to be more socially acceptable to discuss, so we can make a difference!

Join me, Owl Love You Forever, and Hosanna Wong in bringing awareness to your community!

Hosanna Wong is an extremely talented spoken word artist that has written a piece specifically for this cause!  
Let me tell you, this girl GETS IT!  She has started a movement called
She has the desire to spread compassion and hope to those suffering!  
Please check out her brand new video!

Visit The Things We Used To Whisper!  There you will find all the info on how to help!

 Help us spread the word by showing her video, post it on your blog, email it to your friends, do whatever it takes!

Let's make 'Infant Loss' no longer 
something we have to whisper about!


  1. How exciting! Thank you, Shayla!

  2. Shayla,

    I just bawled my eyes out watching this, and am blown away by how beautiful it is. I am so honored that my Lily is a part of this, I had no idea this is what it would be and I'm just so proud of you for doing it and thankful you've allowed me to play a part! I cannot wait to spread the word of this awesome movement. You guys did an incredible job, and as a baby loss mama I felt you represented us perfectly. Thank you for being our voice...


  3. Oh this is beautiful! I hope you dont mind if I share!

  4. Incredible shay... great what you are doing.

  5. So perfect, I am so proud and what an inpiration you are!!!

  6. Hi Shayla,

    I met you on the Hope on Wheels bus. You are such a beautiful, special woman of God. Im so glad I got to meet you. I would like to post a comment on what you said. I am sorry if people have made you uncomfortable when you have shared your loss. I think you should not stop sharing it. It is part of who you are and your children still are your children no matter where they are at this moment in time. I am a mom but never had a loss like yours. But have had other losses that effected my life that the Lord has used to draw me closer to Himself and grow me in ways I could not have before. But, i too, cannot share my losses with most people for a variety of reasons. Its not the right time, atmosphere and not everyone can be supportive to me. But, as a woman and a mom that has not had that kind of loss, and someone who has had a friend lose a child. My heart breaks for u. I would say to you very compassionately, I am so sorry. So i just am wondering, what do u want people to say and do when u share your loss. I dont think its a taboo subject, i just think everyone believes that loss is so incredibly huge, they dont know how to comfort, because in this world, apart from Christ, there isnt anything that can be said to make it better. I think women in their hearts are nurturers and want to comfort, but sometimes just dont know how. So, let us know how to respond, because we want to help, not hurt. Keep sharing, that will bring healing to you and understanding for others.

    1. Hey Michelle,
      Thanks for stopping by & commenting! I have created a list of helpful things to do or not do that is located on the right sidebar of my blog- be sure to check that out.
      Most importantly is to not say the wrong thing, so if you don't know what to say, I prefer people not saying anything but show their compassion by doing something like listening or giving a hug. There isn't always something that can be said that will help, but there are so many things that can be said that can hurt. So, I have just found encouraging my friends to listen and ask how I am doing is the best way to care for me. I absolutely love when friends and family remember special days like Arie & Hadilyn's birthday! It means they are thought of just life everyone else's children, and that is exactly what i want!
      I hope this helps!!

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