Friday, February 15, 2013

The STILL Project

Life is crazy, hard, unfair, and above all unpredictable.  I have encountered more emotional pain and heartache in the past 5 years, than what I would have guessed I would go through in my whole life combined.  I grew weary and exhausted with all of the loss and disappointment.  BUT, somehow, it NEVER defeated me.  Somehow, there was always that one ray of light shining through the clouds that kept me going.  He NEVER let me go... ya, I'm sure at times, God was reaching down with both hands in order to keep me from drowning, but that's what He does for us when we can't keep our own head above water.
Currently, I am not going through any major struggles.  Which, honestly, just doesn't feel normal to me. I was so used to my survival mode, that at times it is literally hard for me to sit back and relax and revel in life's blessings.  Then reality smacks me in the face, when I hear story after story of people close to me, my family, or my friends that lose their child.  Why God?  Why them?  Why now?  Why so often?
We can sit and question every aspect of why He allows such awful heartache, but the truth is we may never understand why.  So what else can we do?
We can make it our mission to help others that have experienced this type of loss.  We can help them grieve, help them honor their child, and help them feel comfortable discussing their baby's life.  This type of loss is obviously not stopping anytime soon.  In fact statistics claim it is getting more common.  I realize for the general public it is SO out of their comfort zone to address, but come on, lets get real... If people can share their every waking moment and thought with their gazillion facebook friends and twitter followers, we can share about our children in heaven!  Help us get people talking about pregnancy and infant loss, instead of shuttering at the thought of it.

The STILL Project is a documentary being made about this very topic and the best thing we can do is support them!  Please visit their website, like them on facebook, and watch the trailer.  I CAN NOT WAIT for this movie to come out!!  I hope and pray it changes the way people handle the loss of a child!
We will never be able to control everything that happens in our lives, but what we CAN control is how we respond.