Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Artist of Our Life

I was headed home on Friday night, after a really long week, and witnessed possibly the most beautiful sunset EVER.  The sky burned with such vivid colors, I could have sworn it was on fire.  I was stunned, and even tried to capture a pic or two on my iPhone, but after swerving on the highway I decided it wasn't the best idea.

Taken from google images, not my iPhone :)

After an emotionally exhausting week, I couldn't help but smile when I saw that sunset.  I realized God had brought me through, just like He always does.  It is often too hard to focus on the beauty of every trial while you are experiencing it.  However, when you can see the beautiful picture finished and in its entirety, you cant help but feel His grace and beauty.   He always has a plan and it is so much bigger and more beautiful than we could ever have imagined.

Remember, that there are beautiful endings to what would otherwise be dark situations.  Pray for God to give you the strength and endurance to make it through to see your rainbow after the storm.  The spiritual reward awaiting you is one you won't ever forget.  God uses these trials and beautiful endings to give us the wisdom we need for our future.  I would never want to replay any of the most excruciatingly difficult trials of the past few years, but I do know I am stronger and wiser for having gone through them.  God has prepared my heart for things in my future that I am not even aware of.  I am a better person for having gone through them, and I hope God can use my life as a testimony to those who may need encouragement.

Whether you are in a trial currently, or are experiencing the beautiful rainbow at the end; remember God has you where you are for a reason.  You may not currently understand why, but what you can count on is that God is in control.  He is the artist of your life, painting a beautiful ending and you just can't see it quite yet!  You must have the patience and faith to wait until it is finished!  


  1. Thanks Shayla. Some days God places people in your life to remind you of truths He knows that you know but still need to hear. Today, you were my sweet reminder.

  2. Yes! Perfectly said and beautifully tied into a gorgeous sunset painted by our Creator just for you to see!

  3. Love this! Shayla you are a great writer! P.S. I gave Heather your number, she wants to chat with you! I think you two would love each other!

  4. I can't wait to see what the painting looks like, too bad we don't get a sneak preview:-)