Thursday, September 27, 2012

Healing in Reading

There are some days I find healing in writing.  Writing for myself and writing for others who may be going through the same things as me.  But lately I have been finding healing in reading.  Reading other women's battles and struggles.  Reading about how they are overcoming, reading about how they are handling the pain and loss, and reading about what God is teaching them through it all.  We have a lot we can learn from one another.  There is a blog I have been following, and have even emailed the author back and forth a few times.  I have prayed for her & husband, and I wanted to share her latest blog post.  She is very wise in her words, and I'm thinking some of you could find strength in her story.

She blogs over at Walking in His Plan.  If you have a few moments I encourage you to stop by and read her latest post, Loss & Marriage.  She and her husband are currently on the journey to adopt from Ethiopia.  Waiting is tough, and a few encouraging words may brighten her day- so if you feel led, leave her a comment.  You can do so by clicking on the comments tab at the top of her blog.

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