Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Under the Sycamore

I have been feeling like I need a miracle lately, and I see them all around me in other people's lives.  I expect God to show up for them and save the day.  However, I don't think I truly whole-heartedly believe God will deliver me a miracle, or maybe I don't think I deserve a miracle sometimes?

Well, I came across this fantastic post that really got me thinking.  I don't normally link to other author's blog posts (actually I don't know if I ever have), but I am willing to change things around here for this post! I needed this reminder of how much MORE faith I could have.  I have to EXPECT God to show up in miraculous ways, in order to receive a miracle from Him!  After as many losses as I have gone through, a positive and faith-filled outlook is not the easiest to have.  However, I am beginning to think it is essential for me.

If you are struggling with accepting that God could deliver you a miracle, or that no job is too big for God to conquer; I strongly encourage you to read this blog post by Ashley.  My friend told me about her blog about a year ago, and I have been an avid reader ever since.  Now, I will admit I began following her blog, Under the Sycamore, because of her awesome crafty tips and photography skills, but have gained so much more from her.

She has an incredibly positive outlook on life that is contagious.  Head on over to her blog and leave her some love and encouragement! I will warn you though, her blog will get a hold of you and not let you go for hours!  You will want to keep reading all of her past posts, and I don't blame you!  Sit and stay awhile, and she just might teach you a thing or two :)

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  1. Haha... I read Ashley's blog too! Love it. And I had the same reaction to her post yesterday. I actually told Mike all about it last night. I think I am pretty faith-filled person, but sometimes that doesn't connect for me personally. Anyway, she's great! Oh, and I'm thinking about making Firecracker's pallet bed. :)