Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Tale of Postal Frustration

Frustration is a common feeling I have had for the past couple of years, frustrated with my body for not working the way I want it to, frustrated with family and friends for having baby after baby when I can't seem to get one, and frustration with doctors for not being able to "fix" me. I spoke with a friend a few weeks ago about my frustration with getting the mail. She challenged me to make my frustration into a positive thing.
I know this may sound silly, but let me explain. While pregnant with the twins I was told to get everything done in my second trimester because the third trimester would be a lost cause. Therefore, I went and registered for my baby shower. I had so much fun picking out everything, and it was quite a task picking out stuff that worked well for a little boy and a little girl. However, when the twins came too early and went home to be with their Heavenly Father- who is, I might add, doing an amazing job watching over all of my little ones for me; I never thought that registry would cause me so much frustration!
My sister was pretty much amazing! She knew I would have a hard time calling the stores I registered at and explaining what had happened, so she did it for me. I am forever grateful for those phone calls she made. She even got the custom rockers I ordered from BuyBuyBaby returned without me having to pay a dime. (Props to BuyBuyBaby for being so understanding!)
However, beginning a few weeks after delivery things came in the mail that I wasn't prepared for. Yes, I expected those blasted medical bills to start rolling in; but it was other envelopes that would have me in tears. No one prepares you for the mail your are about to receive!
I can vividly remember the pit in my stomach when I opened the mailbox and found their social security cards, death certificates, pictures of the twins the hospital took, baby coupons, and BABY FORMULA. This one was especially painful, because this one comes in the great big mailbox you need a special key to open. Now, in the past, I would get so excited when I saw that shiny key in my mailbox, because it meant I got a package! However, now I have to take a deep breath before I open it, because I know what is inside awaiting me- Baby Formula! They must have handed my address out to every baby company in town! You know those annoying sales calls you get and you wonder how you got on their list, this is exactly like that only this is some crazy "mommy to be" list! Yes, the first time this occurred there may have been a few tears shed, but now it has happened so many times I seem to handle it better. Plus, I try to do something good for somebody else once I get it in the mail. I never take it outback and shoot at it for target practice (which has crossed my mind a few times) I give it to a friend who is in need of formula, one of the positives to having so many friends and family members with infants. Today, I am going to make a promise to myself. Instead of getting FRUSTRATED when I open my mailbox and find baby related items, I am going to pray for moms who have lost children. I will pray specifically for the moms who will be going to their mailboxes and getting "baby stuff" for the first time. I would love to make my frustration into something that will make Satan squirm!!
Frustration is such a common feeling, we all deal with it daily. Try driving on the I-10 at 5:30 pm and you will learn road rage frustration really quick. Today, I challenge you to take your frustration and find a way to make it positive!

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