Friday, April 29, 2011

Owl Love You Forever

I don't think I have ever kept a new year's resolution, let alone finish one early! However, I can say that I successfully achieved one of my resolutions a quarter of the way through the year!
Yes it is true... my Non-Profit organization is official! Check it Out!

Owl Love You Forever was conceived after going through the loss of our twins and then walking with our cousins when they lost their baby girl. Our desire is to help families experiencing similar situations to feel loved and comforted. We realize so few people know how to help or what to say. Providing boxes to families, who only have a short amount of time with their baby at the hospital, is one way to help. The boxes include items that are meaningful in these unfortunate circumstances.

Please help us provide support and memories for these grieving families.

You can donate and sign up for newsletters on our website!

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  1. Sorry I hit enter too soon lol--anyways I am so proud of you, and can not wait to see all that you accomplish!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Great Job Shayla! I am sooo happy for you!! With God's help, this organization will be AMAZING!

  3. What a blessing it is to see how many people have come alongside you in support of this amazing ministry. Wish I were there to join the sewing circles!


  4. love the new look of your blog..loving yellow!! wish i could be at your party!! lots of thoughts and prayers for you and your hub!!!!!

  5. What a wonderful blessing you are, and you are helping so many lives. Love you Mom!!

  6. I am so very proud of you and what God has done in your lives! I just wrote about you story (without names) for my Clinical Expert Nurse program. We ahve to tell tow patient stories that have impacted i told yours and F too!! Love you! Laura