Thursday, February 17, 2011

None Like You

Over the past few years, we have received a lot of cards in the mail from family and friends after each of our losses. To tell you the truth, we have 5 or 6 copies of each card. They must not make very many grief/loss cards. If someone is looking for a business, there's an opportunity for you.
Anyway, that's besides the point. At my last doctor's visit my sweet nurse practitioner, who has been by my side through this whole infertility process, gave me a sweet card that I have never received before and it read...

God has not promised
skies always blue,
flower-strewn pathways
all our lives through;
God has not promised
sun without rain,
joy without sorrow,
peace without pain.

But God has promised
strength for the day,
rest for the labor,
light for the way,
Grace for the trials,
help from above,
unfailing sympathy,
undying love.
By Annie Johnson Flint

I am so thankful for poets who can write these words, and really capture everything I need to hear in one poem. I am so thankful for Christian doctors and nurses, who take the extra time to care for me physically and emotionally. Just today I received a text message from the nurse that helped deliver my twins back in May. God provided me with Christian nurses, doctors, and nurse practitioners to walk beside me on this journey. There was nothing more comforting than having my doctors and nurses praying with us during those hard days. God knew Ferrari and I would need that support, and we couldn't have asked for better doctors and nurses.
I just wanted to take a minute today and reflect on what God has provided me through all of this. A minute to reflect on the little things that might normally go undetected. Have you really sat and thought about how God orchestrates the smallest details in every situation to turn out the way He has arranged for the perfect outcome. He didn't allow me to go to my last ultrasound alone like I should have last week. I changed it a few days before because Ferrari was going to leave town, and I wanted him by my side at that appointment. The fact that God cared enough to rearrange my schedule so that I would have my husband by my side. God doesn't have to do those little things for us, but doesn't it make you smile when you realize the small things He does do for us. Those are often the things that go unnoticed. Who can deny a miracle when it happens, but the small things; those are the things we may take for granted. We may think we had something to do with them, but we don't. They are the very things God organizes for us, individually. I am so glad I have relationship with a God like that. A God that will never leave me alone, will never stop loving me, and one that will continue to bless me even when I don't deserve it. I love you God, and there is definitely no one like you- NONE like you!

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  1. I am so so blessed to call you my daughter, I love you. You are a true vessel of God and your words feed many souls. Love Mom